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September 2015

Go to the gym.

roses are red violets are blue go to the gym

I wish I would have ran across this picture this morning. Perhaps things would have turned out differently and I would have went to the gym. As it was, the morning was spent as such:

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I weighed in yesterday, and was not happy, but that’s okay

I weigh in only twice a week. Once on Friday mornings, and then one additional time any other day that I choose during the week. I do this because if I weighed in more than that, I would become obsessed with the scale. The natural, daily fluctuations would play with my mind and it would be counter-productive.

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Hello new friends.

I’ll be blogging from time to time when I have something to say. I won’t really whine (too much). It’s just something clever to call my blog, and I happen to love wine!  I’ve been on my weight loss journey since about 2005 on various programs. I’ve had the most success on Weight Watchers and, most recently, calorie counting on MyFitnessPal. As of 9/18/15, I’ve lost ~41 lbs, mostly on the Weight Watchers program. I just quit that about a month ago; I felt it was a time for a change after a few months of non-compliance.

This will be short, as I’m in the middle of something at the moment, but I’ll write more later!  Thanks for reading.

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