I weigh in only twice a week. Once on Friday mornings, and then one additional time any other day that I choose during the week. I do this because if I weighed in more than that, I would become obsessed with the scale. The natural, daily fluctuations would play with my mind and it would be counter-productive.

I used to weigh in on Sunday mornings, my theory being that the threat of weighing in on Sunday mornings would keep me from eating bad on the weekends. All it did was cause me to skip weigh ins after eating bad at Saturday family celebrations, parties, etc…Sunday weigh ins didn’t work out for me. So, I switched.

All that being said, I weighed in yesterday morning officially. I was exactly what I had weighed on Monday (207.4 lbs). Honestly, it has me a bit bummed out. I know, you can’t lose every weigh in. But I was getting used to losing every weigh in. What is my game plan now that I didn’t lose any weight? I’m going to not change a thing. I’ve lost 9.6 lbs since August 18th, whatever I’m doing is working for me apparently, I just won’t worry about this one weigh in. If I have another no-loss the next weigh in, I’ll look at things and change something. The good thing is that, for the past 33 days, I’ve tracked all my food and exercise in MyFitnessPal, and I can look back and see what is going on.

Tomorrow, I get up and go to the gym. I will do my weight lifting routine and come back and have a healthy breakfast. I will eat healthy the rest of the day, and take good care of myself. If I feel like it, I may weigh in again on Monday.