I had to skip the gym today because I’m going to the doctor’s and am working 6:30-1. No time for the gym after my appointment either.  I’m afraid that by missing a day, it will be harder to go to the gym tomorrow.  I’ll go, but I won’t feel like going and I’ll be more likely to make excuses.

I’ve been really tired lately…it’s more than being sleepy in the morning. By about 10 AM, I am yawning uncontrollably for the rest of the day.  And I feel a tightness in my chest, like when I had pneumonia before. There is also a slight cough.  I hope that’s not what is going on.

4:00 PM
The doctor prescribed me some antibiotics and took a chest x-ray. Hopefully the pills help.  I’m feeling snacky. I know it’s not really hunger, at least not physical hunger, because I ate a 150 calorie Kind bar and I’m still hungry. I have an apple with me and apparently I’m not hungry enough to eat it so I’ll not eat until dinner. The whiny 2 year old inner me is pouting but oh well. What do I want more?  To stay within my calorie budget for the day, or to eat things? For today, I choose to stay within my budget.  I’m just feeling sorry for myself and want to self-soothe.