I’ve had a persistent cough for about two weeks now. Not a bad one, mind you, but it is deep in my lungs like when I had pneumonia two years ago.

I went to the doctor’s last Thursday because I’ve been fatigued and the cough scares me. Although my lungs were clear, he prescribed me antibiotics. I went home from work last Friday and again on Tuesday. Finally my husband put his foot down and said I’m banned from the gym…for a week.

This is totally reasonable, as I’ve been getting up at 4:15 AM every day to go to the gym, then working for 9 hours, then going back to the gym for cardio. After that, I eat dinner and watch tv for about 45 minutes before I’m in bed at 8:15.

It might not be too much for some, and it might be fine if I were feeling ok, but being somewhat sick it is running me down to keep this schedule.

So I’m banned until next Wednesday. This frustrates me and gives me not a small amount of anxiety because I worked very hard to get in the habit to go that often, I’m afraid I’ll get out of the habit and won’t go back.

I’m going to keep my focus on healthy living: listening to the tips of the scale podcast, eating healthy and making goals. Before I know it, the week will be up, hopefully I’ll feel better, and I can go back to the gym.