Balance. It helps you walk without falling over. It keeps money in the bank. And it is tremendously important to our health and wellbeing.

Not just in a weightloss sense, but our all over health…mind, body, and spirit. I suffer from anxiety and depression. When I go off balance, things can go very wrong.  I go down rabbit holes of depression or spiraling anxiety, until I finally just stop and breathe.  I step back, look at the different areas of my life and see what is out of balance.  Maybe it’s sleep: am I staying up even 20 minutes later than normal?  Maybe it’s negative self talk. How am I talking to myself?  I go through the usual problem areas and I see what needs to be thrown back in balance.

Today, my physical health is off balance. I’m tired, incredibly tired. Looking back on the past week or two, I realized that while I’ve been sick, I’ve been pushing myself too much. So afraid of going backwards, I’m pushing myself into exhaustion.  I have to let that guilty feeling I’m getting for not going to the gym go. When I’m sick, I need to rest. Period. It’s not failing to take time off when you are sick, it’s the healthy thing to do.