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March 2016

Hunger…real and imagined

I’m fighting the urge to eat a 150 calorie Kind bar. I’m not even finished with my breakfast yet and I’m thinking I need a Kind bar. This is ridiculous. I’m going to get some water, drink it and set a timer for 20 minutes. If I still want/”need” the bar then, I will have it.

I didn’t eat the bar, I’ve made it to 2 hours to go in my workday. I’m still feeling snacky, am I hungry enough to eat an apple? No. Then what am I trying to feed? Maybe I’m thirsty, not hungry. I’ve just got to make it two more hours.

5:46 PM
The struggle is real. I’m so hungry right now, but I won’t eat until dinner. I want to eat so badly. I ate some yogurt and blueberries at 3:15, so I doubt it’s real hunger. What am I trying to feed? I know what it is: I don’t feel well and when I am sick, I feed myself comfort food. I want comfort food. If I am tempted to eat something before dinner, I will try the trick that I used this morning…I will drink water and set a timer for 15 minutes. If after 15 minutes, I’m still hungry, I’ll eat an apple.


Happy St Patrick’s Day!

st patricks day

I’ve done so well for the past two weeks and now I’m about to have a 22 ounce beer because it is St. Patrick’s day. This is not to say this will completely derail me, it’s not going to. It’s just that, I was 559 calories under my goal for the week.  Now, with the 729 calories from a 22 of Alesmith’s Speedway Stout, I’m over by 170 calories. Bah.

You know what? I need to stop it. The week has three more days in it and I’m going to exercise two of those days. That 170 calories will be toast! I’m going to enjoy my stout, gosh darnit.

Tired all the time…but I choose my plan

I had to skip the gym today because I’m going to the doctor’s and am working 6:30-1. No time for the gym after my appointment either.  I’m afraid that by missing a day, it will be harder to go to the gym tomorrow.  I’ll go, but I won’t feel like going and I’ll be more likely to make excuses.
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Never Never Never Give Up!

Never Never Never Give Up!

That’s what’s on my refrigerator and what has been my motto for a few years now. I did give up some things: sloth-like behavior, pasta (mostly), heavy carbs, and yes: I gave up Weight Watchers.

I gave up Weight Watchers because I couldn’t afford to keep paying $42.95 a month for something I wasn’t using. It is a great program, I’m just in a different frame of mind, I needed a change, and so I got it.

I feel reborn.

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