I’m currently 218 lbs, which is the lowest that I’ve been since at least January of this year.

I have faith that the fat will reduce;  I’m doing all the right things (most of the time). But in the end, you can’t out-train a bad diet. I think a few tweaks to my diet and drink more water and I’ll be doing really well.

For instance, today, I had 3 small chocolate chip cookies at work. I also had about an ounce of brownie brittle once I got done eating dinner. I didn’t “need” any of it, but I wanted it. That was at least 300 calories that I didn’t need to ingest.

I’m going to the gym at least 8 times a week. I’m also doing yoga once a week at work, and Tai Chi once a week at work. So, my exercise is good. It’s just small things about my diet that are holding me back. That, and not drinking enough water.

I’m confident I’m going to lose this weight.