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Tales from the scale

I’m currently 218 lbs, which is the lowest that I’ve been since at least January of this year.

I have faith that the fat will reduce;  I’m doing all the right things (most of the time). But in the end, you can’t out-train a bad diet. I think a few tweaks to my diet and drink more water and I’ll be doing really well. Continue reading “Tales from the scale”


Started out good and healthy, ended not so much.

Today was a confusing day, success-wise.  I started out rockstar mode: I got up at 4:20, had coffee, and went to the gym and did all but 1 exercise of my weightlifting routine. I killed it!  I came home, made a healthy smoothie, and drank that. I packed a healthy breakfast and lunch.  Aces, right? Well…

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“Lean Habits” and a new habit app for me

I was listening to a podcast the other day and the host was raving about this book called “Lean Habits For Lifelong Weight Loss: Mastering 4 Core Eating Behaviors to Stay Slim Forever“. He was interviewing the author, Georgie Fear, who is a registered dietician. She appeared very smart and knowledgeable, so I bought the book for my Kindle.

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Tales From the Scale…and fish tacos!

I weighed in this morning and I’m up by 4 ounces. I’m not going to sweat it though because I’m going to try to focus on fat loss rather than pounds. However, this does not take away the slight disappointment I feel. I only weigh once a week. This is to keep my focus on getting healthy and not get derailed by numbers. Last week, I began taking my body fat measurements with a skinfold caliper too. I don’t expect to see a drop in those numbers on a weekly basis. It would be really nice, but I don’t think it’s realistic.

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I weighed in yesterday, and was not happy, but that’s okay

I weigh in only twice a week. Once on Friday mornings, and then one additional time any other day that I choose during the week. I do this because if I weighed in more than that, I would become obsessed with the scale. The natural, daily fluctuations would play with my mind and it would be counter-productive.

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