This blog is not sponsored by any of the below products, blogs, or sites. I have just found them helpful in my weight loss journey and want to share helpful things with you. Check back, as I will be continually adding to this list as my journey continues.

Tips of the Scale – a blog and podcast that has greatly influenced me. Sam interviews people that have successfully lost weight and have either reached their goal or are on their way. FREE
Weight Watchers – helped me lose 50 lbs and was the foundation of my change to a healthy lifestyle. ($$)
Lose It! – the app and website that I currently use.  It’s free but I paid for the premium version to get the most out of it.  (FREE/$)
MyFitnessPal – I used to use this website and the mobile app to track my food and beverage intake as well as my weight. FREE
Paprika Recipe Manager – I use both the desktop app and the mobile app to organize all of my recipes, make meal healthy meal plans, and grocery lists. It is a lifesaver ($$)!
Fitbit Charge – my activity monitor of choice, I wear it all day and night, except when I am showering. Tracks steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes and sleep.  ($$$)
Camelbak Eddy Water Bottle – I love this water bottle. It’s big enough to put ice cubes through the top and holds 33 oz of water. Plus, it’s purple! ($)
Top Fit Running Belt – holds my gym membership card and keys while I work out. Would hold my big Samsung Galaxy Note 4, but it’s a little snug when I put it in there and I need constant access to it so I don’t put it in there. ($)
JEFIT – this is the Android and iPhone app that I use to make my weight lifting workouts. There is a slight learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it’s very good. FREE