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Started out good and healthy, ended not so much.

Today was a confusing day, success-wise.  I started out rockstar mode: I got up at 4:20, had coffee, and went to the gym and did all but 1 exercise of my weightlifting routine. I killed it!  I came home, made a healthy smoothie, and drank that. I packed a healthy breakfast and lunch.  Aces, right? Well…

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Let’s do this

I’ve been taking time off from the gym so that the cold/pneumonia/whatever I have can clear up. I think I’ve taken enough time off, it’s time to get to work.

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It’s a balancing act

Balance. It helps you walk without falling over. It keeps money in the bank. And it is tremendously important to our health and wellbeing.

Not just in a weightloss sense, but our all over health…mind, body, and spirit. I suffer from anxiety and depression. When I go off balance, things can go very wrong.  I go down rabbit holes of depression or spiraling anxiety, until I finally just stop and breathe.  I step back, look at the different areas of my life and see what is out of balance.  Maybe it’s sleep: am I staying up even 20 minutes later than normal?  Maybe it’s negative self talk. How am I talking to myself?  I go through the usual problem areas and I see what needs to be thrown back in balance.

Today, my physical health is off balance. I’m tired, incredibly tired. Looking back on the past week or two, I realized that while I’ve been sick, I’ve been pushing myself too much. So afraid of going backwards, I’m pushing myself into exhaustion.  I have to let that guilty feeling I’m getting for not going to the gym go. When I’m sick, I need to rest. Period. It’s not failing to take time off when you are sick, it’s the healthy thing to do.

Got fooled again!

I tricked myself again. It’s a pattern I have, I have a plan be it fitness related, or diet related, and when the time comes to do said activity, I talk myself out of it.

This time, it was the gym. I didn’t go yesterday because hubby wanted to go today, but today his body hurts a lot and he can’t go. Rather than go without him, I have talked myself out with the following:

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Happy St Patrick’s Day!

st patricks day

I’ve done so well for the past two weeks and now I’m about to have a 22 ounce beer because it is St. Patrick’s day. This is not to say this will completely derail me, it’s not going to. It’s just that, I was 559 calories under my goal for the week.  Now, with the 729 calories from a 22 of Alesmith’s Speedway Stout, I’m over by 170 calories. Bah.

You know what? I need to stop it. The week has three more days in it and I’m going to exercise two of those days. That 170 calories will be toast! I’m going to enjoy my stout, gosh darnit.

Go to the gym.

roses are red violets are blue go to the gym

I wish I would have ran across this picture this morning. Perhaps things would have turned out differently and I would have went to the gym. As it was, the morning was spent as such:

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